Aikijujutsu is a martial discipline that focuses on the Japanese principle of aiki, in which a practitioner blends with and defeats an opponent by using one's internal energy (ki or chi). Various disciplines of jujutsu and aikijujutsu can trace their lineage back to Daito-ryu. Conflicting stories state that either Shinra Saburo Minamoto (1045-1127), or a doctor Yoshimitsu in 1180 laid down the foundation for Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu by discovering the mechanics of the joints and muscle attachments while dissecting cadavers. From these discoveries, joint-locking skills, techniques to cause muscle twisting, and strikes to vital points were formalized and perfected during battle.

Sentou-ryu Aikijujutsu is a modern school with a traditional heart that teaches a complete martial art, among the hand-to-hand combat techniques with atemiwaza (kicks, strikes, elbow hits etc.), nagewaza (throws), shimewaza (strangles), kansetsuwaza (joint-locks), kyushowaza (pressure on vital points of the human body) and aikinojutsu (throws), the practitioner studies the use of all the ancient weapon of the Samurai, such as katana, yari, bo etc., techniques are then divided in way of performing them.


Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu is an diverse, combat oriented system of self-defense utilizing striking, throwing and submissions. The name of the system is derived from the words; Japan,ese (Nihon), School/Discipline (Ryu) Goshin (Self-Defense/Self-Preservation), Jutsu (Art/Technique). Nihon-ryu has developed methods to teach effective self-defense for a wide range of real world scenarios. The concepts and techniques of Nihon-ryu Goshinjutsu originate from various disciplines of Japanese Budo. These skills continue to progress, so that the elements build upon and incorporate one another to form a wide-ranging and effective unarmed system of martial discipline.


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