Sentou-ryu Aikijujutsu is a modern school with a traditional heart that teaches a complete martial art, among the hand-to-hand combat techniques with atemi waza (kicks, strikes, elbow hits etc.), nage waza (throws),shimewaza (strangles), kansetsu waza (joint-locks), kyusho waza (pressure on vital points of the human body) and aikinojutsu (throws), the practitioner studies the use of all the ancient weapon of the Samurai, such as katana, yari, bo etc., techniques are then divided in way of performing them:

- idori : shite and uke working in knee
- hanza handachi : shite is kneeling, uke standing
- tachiai : both are standing
- ushirodori : uke attacks shite from the rear (standing).

Three areas that make up the Aikijujutsu:

  1. Jujutsu: unarmed techniques; method of relying primarily on atemi.
  2. Aikijujutsu: unarmed techniques; method of combining the jujutsu with aiki concepts.
  3. Aikinojutsu: unarmed techniques; method of replying mainly aiki concepts .

Teaching is also divided in three levels of depth and ability:

  1. SHODEN : the teaching of base (Oku-iri/Mokuroku).
  2. CHUDEN : the median teaching (Menkyo Shihan).
  3. SOUDEN : the superior teaching (Menkyo Okuden/Menkyo Kaiden).

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