Goshinkan is a "traditional" school of martial arts, meaning that we observe the traditions, customs and practices of the original Samurai arts. It is our goal to practice, promote and endorse both traditional and eclectic forms of authentic Japanese Budo.

Please be advised that Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo is a private Dojo. Please be sure to make the proper arrangements in securing an appointment with the Hombu Cho before you visit. There is an application process that we adhere to. Our Dojo is not a commercially operated Dojo. Therefore, be sure to call or contact us before visiting any of our classes.

The Chief Instructor of Goshinkan, D. Chase began his study of martial arts in 1974 in the discipline of Moo Duk Kwan (Tae Kwan Do), under the leadership and direction of Sabumnim Bill Timme at the Ridgewood YMCA. He was introduced to the art of Jujutsu through O'Sensei Michael DePasquale, Sr. (deceased) of Yoshitsune Jujitsu and Hakko-ryu Jujutsu. He continued his study of martial arts under the leadership and direction of Bill Smith, Hanshi in the disciplines of Aikijujitsu, Ken-jutsu, and Karate-Do. Chase, Sensei was awarded the status of Menkyo Kaiden (License of Full Proficiency) by Smith, Hanshi in September, 2010.

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Applying for Membership in Goshinkan:

We request potential students make an appointment to observe training, prior to applying for admission to the dojo. Visitors are asked to arrive at the dojo no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of practice, in order to allow time for introductions and a quick explanation of what they will be watching. During class, the instructors usually make it a point to check in with observers to see if they have any questions. At the conclusion of practice, there is adequate time to discuss the class more completely, and to conduct an admission interview, should the guest decide to apply for membership. The interview is intended to ensure that the expectations of the dojo and the prospective student are in harmony. Questions are encouraged.

We expect candidates for membership to treat the interview as they would a job interview, and to dress accordingly.

We realize that most people coming to watch a practice are unfamiliar with traditional Japanese etiquette and dojo protocols. These are things that the members of the dojo learn naturally, over time, and not something about which visitors should worry. If you approach the dojo with simple courtesy and respect, and sincere interest, you'll do just fine during your visit and application interview.

To find out more about classes, schedules, family discounts, etc: Contact Us

Schedule of Fees:

In some traditional dojo, discussion of financial considerations tends to be avoided whenever possible. We prefer that potential members of the dojo have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Membership Dues: It is the responsibility of each member of the Hombu to ensure that their monthly dues are current. Arrangements may be made at the Hombu Cho's discretion. Failure to maintain member dues will be grounds for expulsion.

Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo Association

The Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo Association is an avenue to provide martial artists with a solid association, learning and advancement opportunities, and fellowship within an organization that is non-political and Budo oriented. For further details visit our Hombu Association page.

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